Instructional Technology

The Instructional Technology Department supports a curriculum in which students are self-directed, collaborative, and caring. 

We expect our students to flourish in the digital, knowledge world of their future.

Our Digital Conversion

rbe2 Members of the Instructional Technology Department encourage, support, and train teachers to integrate technology to improve student learning.



Patrick Hanks– Director of Instructional Technology

Janet TwittyCoordinator of Instructional Technology

30 Technology Integration Specialist assign to schools oge2

While technology is important, the role of the Technology Integration Specialist is primarily one of supporting good curriculum in all subject areas. Not only do technology integration specialists assist teachers with planning and implementing technology activities that support best practices, they also provide training for district technology applications such as SchoologyEdmodo, Edgenuity,  Power Teacher, and Google Apps. The TIS works with staff in all departments and grade levels. Their purpose, improving student achievement, is interwoven with providing students with 21st century skills that will prepare them to be leaders and global citizens. The TIS does this directly and indirectly by teaming with teachers to implement 21st Century Learning expectations – creating self-directed learners who are critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and proficient in using technology for research, collaboration, and communication.

Lexington School District One – Technology Curriculum Standards

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Three Areas of Focus

We are working hard to meet our process and outcome goals by focusing on the implementation of three main areas. Click on each of these areas below for more information.

Blended Learning / Proficiency-BasedLearning

Personal Mobile Computing

Digital Citizenship


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