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Lexington School District One’s World Language Programs are growing and expanding. We are proud to offer our students learning opportunities at all levels in several different languages!

The World Language Program in Lexington One enables students to use oral and written language for meaningful and culturally appropriate communication in the situations they are most likely to encounter in more than one language. Our K–12 program helps students appreciate linguistic and cultural diversity and the contributions of other cultures. Students acquire the language, knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for effective participation in a global environment that is connected economically, socially and politically.

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To register for 2015-16 Partial Immersion Click HERE!

Registration for the rising 5K students (2014-2015)  for the partial immersion program will open ONLINE ONLY  January 27, 2015 at 4:00 pm. For more information click here: Partial Immersion 2015-16 Registration



                        ***Important Announcements re: Partial Immersion ***

 If you have questions about partial immersion, please contact Liz Lawrence-Baez ( If you need information about your status in the program please contact Harriet Cotterman at 

Registration opened for fall 2015 rising 5K Kindergarten students in late January 2015. Registration will remain open until the start of school in 2015 . Dates and details regarding information sessions and online registration are posted on our registration page now!

Click here for more information:  

Attention Immersion Siblings!

Sibling pre-registration for younger  immersion siblings of current immersion students (who are entering 5k fall 2015 ONLY) will also begin on January 27, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. Siblings will register using the same link as other students, but parents will need to note that they are siblings on the form in order to receive their sibling status. 

For information about Partial Immersion, how it works, registration information and more, please contact Liz Lawrence-Baez, WL Lead Teacher for Partial Immersion,  at or 803-821-1123.


Lexington One World Language Program Descriptions


LOLA, Lexington One Language Acquisition Spanish program

The district is excited to let you know about changes made to the Spanish world language program for students in third–fifth grades who do not participate in an immersion program, in response to requests from parents and teachers. Instead of students having three video lessons and one or two face-to-face lessons with a Spanish teacher, students will now have three to four face-to-face Spanish lessons a week with their school’s Spanish teacher. The name of the program will also change from Kids Interacting. Through Early Language Learning (KITE-LL) to the Lexington One Language  Acquisition program (LOLA). Although the instructional delivery and name changes, the program still integrates standards from students’ language arts, mathematics, science and social studies classes. Learners practice listening,  speaking, reading and writing in Spanish through hands-on, interactive learning activities drawn from grade-level content standards. The district’s team of elementary Spanish teachers worked hard this summer to plan for and to adjust the curriculum so that your students continue to receive a rich, rewarding world language experience. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Spanish teacher, if you have any questions about this year’s program.

Partial Immersion

Partial immersion is a means of acquiring a world language through content matter instruction. In the program, students develop communicative and academic proficiency in the target language while succeeding academically in all subject areas at levels comparable to those they would have reached if they had been schooled only in English. Our elementary students in the partial-immersion program spend half the day studying the regular grade level curriculum and standards in classes conducted in the target language. The other half of the day is conducted in English. Mathematics and science are taught in the target language, and English/language arts and social studies are taught in English. The first group of students who began the program as kindergarten students advanced to the middle school in the 2012–2013 school year. At the middle-school level, the students take two courses in the target language: a language arts course and a project-based course that explores real-world problems and cultural practices. Languages offered in our partial immersion program include French, Spanish and Chinese.

Middle School

Starting in the 2012–2013 school year, world language became part of the students’ core curriculum at middle school. This means that each year students now take classes in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and world language. Assessments in the middle school world language classes will reflect and mirror performance-based instructional activities taking place in the world language classroom on a daily basis. Learners must demonstrate what they know and can do in the language, showing their progress toward increased language proficiency in multiple ways using real-world tasks. Languages offered at middle grades include French, German, Spanish, Latin and Chinese.

High School

Lexington One currently offers Levels 1 – 5 in Spanish, French, German, and Latin. We also offer levels 1 and 2 in Chinese, Portuguese and Arabic at our Center for World Languages and International Business. As the middle school program grows the high school offerings will change to meet the needs of our learners.

Center for World Languages and International Business 

The goal of the Center for World Languages and International Business at Lexington High School is to create plurilingual, global citizens or leaders. Students will exit their Center studies being world citizens who are open to new experiences and cultures, who are able to solve problems with exciting and creative solutions, and who are ready to begin a job with an international company or continue on to a university program of studies. Center students will use their language skills to solve real-world problems using their knowledge of business and culture, as well as their intermediate language proficiency in at least two languages. Students have opportunities to increase their understanding of other cultures and the skills necessary to conduct business at the international level. The program is open to all sophomores, juniors and seniors in Lexington One who are on track to complete three levels of a target language, Language 2 (L2). A more comprehensive selection of coursework will be available when the Center is fully developed.


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 *It is important to note how our World Language Program plays an important role in our district mission and vision.

 *It is important to note how our World Language Program plays an important role in our district mission and vision.

For questions or concerns please contact:
Dawn Samples
Coordinator for World Languages and Partial Immersion  
Liz Lawrence-Baez
World Languages Lead Teacher